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You've most probably  dreamt about this day since …well, forever. So how important is your hair and face on your wedding day? Will you love your wedding photos when you look back on them for years to come?


All eyes are on you on your wedding day.

YOU are the star of the show.

What could possibly be more important than the way YOU look and feel about yourself?


You waited your whole life for this moment....and you are not going to use a professional?


There is so much more to professional makeup than meets the eye.


A professional knows how colours work. Whether or not to use a certain colour does not depend on trends. It depends on chemistry between one's skin, the cosmetics, and the lighting.


A professional knows which colours make your particular eye colour ‘pop’!


A professional understands that shimmer reflects light and that it must be placed carefully.


Do you know what powders NOT to use so it won’t produce ‘flashback’ and make you look shiny when the camera takes your pic?

Do you know how to layer and set your makeup so it lasts all day?

Do you know what colours go with others?


A professional knows how to achieve glowing, flawless skin, chooses the best lip colour for your personality, and chooses the right products for oily skin vs. dry skin, etc.


A professional is educated. Regularly attends professional hair and makeup shows and seminars and receives the latest updates and stays current on new makeup products, techniques, and news.


A professional uses only top quality camera ready cosmetics and products with the highest percentage of pigment in them…and knows the right tools to apply them properly.


But a professional isn’t there just to do your hair and makeup, a true professional helps you with your skin care needs, and a professional is there to keep you calm and keep you relaxed on your special day and knows how to schedule the day to make everything run smoothly.


So please keep all of this in mind when you are planning your wedding and examining your budget.


Will you be excited about your wedding album and the glorious entrance you made down the aisle?


Your makeup and hair should rise UP to your gown and flowers and décor.


Whether you choose me or another makeup artist, at least realise that ANYONE can post a profile and say they are a makeup artist....and quote you really low prices...but it is true that you get what you pay for.


Make sure they have been in business for several years and have testimonials and references from past satisfied clients.

If someone doesn’t even have a professional website that shows who they are and their work.....MOVE ON!!!


I have been called at the last minute by many a bride who was abandoned a week before her big day when an 'aritst'  cancelled  unexpectedly because they weren’t professional, established, or passionate about this business.




Good work isn't cheap...and cheap work isn't good!!!

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