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Bridal season is very much underway ............


Makeup and hair trials unfortunately are not complimentry. Trials are  very important appointments for you, using my skills, experience, products and time, generally more time than the big day. If trials are not within your budget we can arrange a consultation in person , over the phone or a facetime appointment and have an indepth chat.


You might want to book your trial for the same day as your engagement shoot, bridal shower or any other event. For peace of mind when you book in your trial date a Hold the date deposit of £50 will be added which temporarily holds your wedding day appointment until your trial. This £50 fee will be deducted from the wedding day balance when you confirm your wedding day booking.


It is a good idea to let me know how many people you are going to have at your trial . It is up to you whether you want to have your trials alone, or to bring a mother or best friend. Whomever you decide to bring, please have people that will calmly help you, offer wanted advice and suggestions and not add extra stress or pressure you into having something you don't want. After all it is your special day and having too much input can be so overwheling.  I really don't suggest more than 1 or two please.


Be prepared for your trial meeting and this includes finding images of makeup and hair styles you like.  I want to acheive the best posible look for you.

There are thousands of photos in magazines or online. My Favourite is Pinterest and many brides now start their own Pinterest boards for hair and makeup looks they like and send me links to browse before their trial.


Be realistic - If you do want the looks of the model’s in the photos you have to choose similar features to your own, colouring, similar eye shape, hair type and ethnicity, etc.

If  you have short fine hair and the desired look shows a lady with long thick hair, the onyl way to achieve that look or close to it will be hair pieces or extensions. I am more than happy to advise which ones you will need . Just pop me a photo of you and your hair and the style you want to create and we can take it from there.


Your  trial time is 90 minutes to 2 hours so there is plenty of time to discuss all your likes and dislikes, the rest of the bridal partys hair and makep , and time schedules for the big day. Your trial includes one look, additonal looks can be done for an additional fee,  please request this prior to your appointment to make sure enough time is allocated for you.  


Prior to your makeup and hair trials think about your grooming routine. This includes grooming your eye brows and other facial hair. Exfoliate dry and peeling skin , This will only hinder the makeup application and you possibily won’t see the flawless finish you hope for. It is important that you don't schedule facials right before the big day and your skin may be sensitive and break out .


Please remove all makeup for your trial including all traces of eye makeup. And I kindly request that you pop your phone down during your trials. It is really hard trying to apply the perfect eye liner or a set of lashes when your head and eyes are moving about.


Hair trials are usually best done when hair is not freshly washed for better hold.  So please wash your hair the night before. Two really thorough shampoos with minimal conditioner on just the midlengths and ends . Unless your hair is very oily or flat - If in doubt just ask me and I can advise.


Make sure you have hair extensions if these apply to the style you would like, and if possible any tiaras or accesories.


For best results book your Hair AND Makeup trial on the same day. This allows you to get the complete look for the big day.


You will always have the option of booking your day with me right after your trial. But should you wish to mull it over, get others opinions and think about it that's no problem, there is no pressure. Please note that a signed contract and deposit is required to secure your event date. Wedding dates are not fully booked  because you booked a trial so please do get in touch as soon as possible. I ask that you get back to me within 48hrs.


After the trial I will email over the images I took from your trial and ask to see how everything held up or if there were any issues that have arisen afterwards that need to be adjusted before the big day.

If you are uncertain or change your mind of your ‘look’ please get in touch a.s.a.p as time schedules may need to be changed. Changes can be made without another trial, however if you feel more comfortable booking another trial in that's no problem at all.


Please be open minded to my recommendations and suggestions for you. Remember, wedding day makeup is not ‘every day’ makeup and I do this all the time. I know about colour intensities and how things will read on camera and in different lighting situations.  What you may see and what a photo sees are two completely different things as well. this is why I always bring my  camera with me , so you can see how you'll look on camera- I'm no photographer but I really think this helps.


Your wedding photos are the only thing that will be left over for years to come to preserve these memories. So let me make sure you look your BEST in them!

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