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Hair Extensions- Fusion & Micro Ring

Have you always dreamed of long, silky, sexy hair? Dream no more! Hair extensions aren’t just for the celebrities of the world, you can have them too!


Why have hair extensions?

Hair Extensions are fun, affordable and will give you thicker, fuller, longer and natural looking hair. Hair Extensions also give you protection for growing out damaged hair.


This is my first time, what do I do?

You will firstly need to make an appointment for a consultation, this is free of charge and you will be advised on how the extensions will be applied , what application would best suit your needs, and I will decide on the best colour match for you . You will also be advised on preparation and aftercare.


As we as adding length and thickness, what else can they be used for?

Extensions are also a great way to add highlights or chunks of colour without chemically treating your own hair.


Is it real hair?

Yes the hair used is 100% Real Human Hair. You will be given a few options of hair types on your consultation depending on how much you want to spend.


What Hair textures are my options?

Straight, Bodywave and Deep wave.


What lengths can I have?

12 inches – shoulder length

14 inches – below shoulders

16 inches – above breast

18 inches – bra strap

20 inches – below the bra strap

22 inches – lower back

24 inches – waist


Will extensions damage my hair?

The most important part of ensuring damage does not occur after the fitting of hair extensions is the maintenance and aftercare of the extensions. You will be provided with aftercare advice at the end of your first fitting. If you follow the aftercare advice, look after them and have them removed after 3 months they won't damage your natural hair.


How long should they last?

3 months is the maximum you should wear the extensions for, however you  will need infills and maintenance appointments  in between for micro rings and fusion extensions. Roughly every 4-6 weeks.   A large portion of Micro bonds may also be reused if you have chosen good quality hair and looked after them.


Can I brush, curl, blowdry, straighten and wash the hair?

Yes you can, and an extension brush will be provided for you at the time of application. You can curl, dry and straighten them as usual, when washing only use conditioner on the ends. To keep the extensions looking shiny, using serum and or leave in condition sprays on the mid lengths and ends are a great idea.


Can I remove hair extensions myself? (micro rings and fusion)

It is highly recommended that you book an appointment with a trained technician to remove your hair extensions. If removed by an untrained person, this can result in damage to the natural hair.


Why does there seem to be so much hair shedding when removing my hair extensions?

Your natural hair sheds on a daily basis as part of the natural process. It is normal to loose up to 50 hairs a day! Just because hair extensions are fitted does not mean this natural process stops. So the hairs that are shed are trapped in the bonds and are released when you remove the micro rings and fusion extensions.


Can I swim and go into the sea?

You can swim in swimming pools and the sea, however it is best to rinse/wash your hair straight after any of these as it is more likely to take the moisture from the hair therefore causing tangling so you could use a spray in conditioner to help with this.


What to do and what not to do....

Never apply condioner to the rootal area, this will make them slide out. Just to the very ends. Always dry your hair after washing it, or going swimming etc especially the fusion bonds. You don't want the bonds to stick together or get tangled. To make your hair easier to manage , sleep with your hair  in a loose plate or pony tail. Use a cleansing shampoo, oily or moisture rich shampoos will encourage the bonds to loosen. Use a soft bristle brush when styling, comb gently when wet as hair is at its weakest then. When straightening or curling, carfefully section the hair and be careful not to straighten the bonds them seleves- especially fusion bonds.  Apply serums to the ends when finishing styling,


If you are interested in extensions and would like to arrange application, You will need to contact me to book in complimentry consulation to discuss all the options of hair extensions and to colour match your hair. This appointment will take a maximum of 15 minutes.


Hair extension application takes between 1hour to 3 1/2 hours depending on the type of application chosen.


The application cost also includes cutting, styling and shaping the extensions. Additional services that can be arranged at the same appointment for additional costs include: root touch ups, highlights/lowlights and pre application trims to your natural hair.

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