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Brazilian Blow Dry


Frizzy, Uncontrollable Hair??


Ever Tried a Brazilian Blow Dry?!

Introducing the widely acclaimed Brazilian Blow Dry,

which is taking the UK by storm. A revolution in hair care. A must have service!


    -The Brazilian Blow Dry uses natural sources of keratin which repairs and protects, giving smooth, silky, shiny hair. Keratin is the primary protein of your hair  and skin.

  - First application typically lasts 2-3 months.

  - Works as an intensive conditioner.

   -After Treatment less styling is needed, saving you precious time.

   -Sometimes known as The Permanant Blow Dry

   -Smooths and straightens

   -Shimmers and Shines – locks in colour giving it a gorgeous shine.

   -Restores and Repairs – specially formulated to re build weakened hair



Q. Can Keratin be applied to chemically treated hair, bleach, colour, straightening products and relaxers?

A.  Yes Keratin can be applied to any hair type with any previous chemical treatment like highlights, bleach, colour, straightening products and relaxers.bleach, colour, straightening products and relaxers


Q. Does it contain phormaldehyde or other dangerous chemicals?

A. No its 100% phormaldehyde free!


Q. How long does the keratin last?

A. It lasts 2-3 months on the first application, depending on how often you wash your hair and other products you use. Results will increase and last longer everytime the process is repeated. Aftercare products, sodium free shampoo and conditioner are a must to make the treatment last.


Q. Will it be straight?

A.  No but will get progressively smoother as the treatment is repeated. The main aim of the Keratin treatment is to have shiny, healthly looking hair, and frizz free. It will smooth out kinks and need less styling sometimes eliminating the need to straighten.


Q. Is it best to have my hair coloured before or after the treatment?

A. For best results colour before treatment. The treatment helps to lock in your colour making it last longer,


Q. What is recommended after the treatment?

A.  After care is a must. This involves Salt free shampoos and conditioners ( Sodium Chloride).  Hair masks  regularly and a leave in conditioner with UV protection is also very effective.


Q. What happens at the treatment?

A. First of all your hair is washed with shampoo to cleanse your hair- no conditioner. Your hair is then dried off about 80%. then sectioned and the treatment is applied section by section and combed flat each time. The treatment is then dried into the hair . The final part of the treatment is staightening the hair at a set temperature, locking in the treatment. I thoroughly recommend treating the hair when freshly or recently cut.  This acheives the absolute best result and can be done at the same appoitnent.


Q. After the treament what do I do?

A. The treatment needs to be on the hair for 24hrs.  The hair needs to stay at flat and dry at all times. If your hair gets wet / damp in this period, smooth with straighteners as soon as possible. Keep your hair down- no hair ties, alice bands etc . Just leave it be so you can acheieve the smoothest finish possible. After the 24 period is up, shampoo and condition with salt free shampoo and condition. You must continue to use these every time you wash your hair to prolong your treatment.

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